“…The secret cottage is a hidden gem in the majestic Kullu valley. Located in a town called Bandrol, this property is located close to top attractions like Manali, Rohtang etc. We felt right at home as soon as we checked in. The cottage is spacious and studded with a lot of amenities…”
Salman | Delhi | Mar 2024
“…It was really my sheer luck to have found ‘The Secret Cottage’ for myself. I'm sure the absolute peace and providence I felt during my stay will remain with me for a while now. The Cottage was clean, well maintained and has great connectivity with nearby attractions. All the staff were very courteous and proactive. It is a perfect location for people who want to spend time away from the chaos of the city…”
Shailza | Delhi | Dec 2023
Enchanting Secret Cottage in the Himalayas
“…The view from Secret Cottage is nothing short of breathtaking. Each morning brought a new perspective of the majestic Himalayas, leaving us in awe of nature's grandeur. Despite being located on the main road, the tranquility that enveloped the house was surreal. It was a haven of peace, allowing us to truly disconnect and recharge. The caretakers were exemplary in their service, always available and attentive to our needs…”
Punit & Jyoti | Mumbai | May 2023
"...It’s a very beautiful and a cozy cottage. If you plan to do a trip to the mountains I Highly recommend staying here. Manali, Kulu, Kasol, Solang, Naggar, Bijli Mahadev etc., is all within an hour to hour and a half’s distance. The staff is very sweet, kind and helpful. Everything you need is at a walkable distance from the cottage and yet it is so private and quaint. One of the best experiences. "
Litisha | Delhi | Jan 2023
"...We stayed for 2 weeks at the Secret Cottage, and wish we could have stayed more. The cottage is beautifully constructed and surrounded by a small fruit orchard. We stayed in the cottage in spring so the property was covered with flowers. Our kids loved staying in the garden and chasing butterflies. We would have regular snack picnics all over the property. There is a lot of privacy, and lots of little trees to sit under with a book or a board game. About the interiors, they are cozy and looked after and very clean. We especially enjoyed the dining area with lovely views and a comfy dining table. "
Pritika | Pune | Apr 2022
A home away from home
“... Amidst serenity of lush green mountains and on the banks of peacefully flowing Beas, The Secret Cottage is no less than the grandparents' home one used to love visiting during their most awaited vacations from childhood days. Laden with the best amenities one can expect and an even larger space in the duplex cottage we've never failed to find what we always looked for."
Justina | Pune | Jan 2022
“...To put it simply secret cottage is an awesome place and Deepak is a superb host. Great ambience: The sights, sounds and the smell from the fruit trees are a mega treat to our senses. Deepak has a deep knowledge of the vast valleys, magnificent mountains, and rippling rivers. Deepak is highly organized. This organization enhanced our HP experience thoroughly...”
Narayanan | Bengaluru | Nov 2021
“...The Secret Cottage is an amazing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the touristy hotspots and accommodations available in Kullu. We stayed here for 7 days and enjoyed every minute of our stay. Deepak is an amazing host, and he was super helpful since the day we did the booking...”
Mansi | Mumbai | Apr 2021
Incredibly beautiful cottage with stunning views
“... The Secret Cottage is truly a wonderful place to stay at. It is snug, has charming interiors, incredible views from every window, good food, fairly good internet connectivity and good, simple people run the establishment."
Chhaaya| PanJIM (GOA) | Jan 2019